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how to reduce the noise of powerful 12 cylinder diesel engine that sounds like a tractor?

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how to reduce the noise of powerful 12 cylinder diesel engine that sounds like a tractor?

how to reduce the noise of powerful 12 cylinder diesel engine that sounds like a tractor?

As the noise and flue gas generated by the operation of the high speed 12 cylinder diesel engine generator affects the living and office of the nearby residents, the diesel engine provides the following solutions for the noise pollution to make the generator room meet the requirements of the national environmental protection standard:


1. Unit damping

The generator set is placed on the concrete ground with a thickness of more than 200mm and 6 rubber damping pads are added between the 4 stroke electric starting diesel engine and the ground. According to the selection of the operating weight and vibration frequency of the generator set, the vibration isolation efficiency of the damping pad can reach more than 95%.

The smoke pipe and primary muffler are another important vibration source. When the smoke pipe is connected with the generator set, the flexible soft joint can be used to separate the vibration transmission path. At the same time, the influence of vibration on buildings can be eliminated by installing spring hanger to fix primary muffler.

Canvas soft joint can effectively isolate the vibration between the unit and the exhaust duct.


2. Sound insulation and noise reduction measures

Sound insulation wall: as a relatively sealed environment, the sound insulation wall of the generator room is required to adopt a brick wall structure of about 200 mm thick and the two sides are plastered tightly.

Damping: the vibration damper between the unit and the floor, the stainless steel corrugated damping pipe between the high speed 12 cylinder diesel engine and the smoke pipe and the primary muffler adopt the spring damping hanger to ensure effective vibration isolation.

Sound absorption: the compound sound absorption structure composed of ultra-fine glass wool + aluminum alloy gusset plate is installed around the machine room and on the roof, which can effectively eliminate the reverberation caused by reflection and reduce the intensity of noise source.

The air-cooled generator set will produce noise in the ventilation process. In order to ensure the effect of noise reduction, the generator room adopts a closed forced air intake and exhaust structure. Because the operation of the powerful 12 cylinder diesel engine requires some air, it can not only ensure that the air intake and exhaust are approximately equal, but also ensure that there is a certain negative pressure in the machine room. The silencer made by the air inlet and exhaust duct is composed of superfine glass wool, glass fiber cloth and metal screen.


3. Flue gas treatment

The exhaust gas from 4 stroke 12 cylinder diesel engine contains black smoke and the outlet temperature is high, so it needs to be treated to meet the requirements of national environmental protection specifications. The special flue gas treatment equipment - silencing dust removal spray box is set in the compound treatment of the flue gas of the generator. The flue gas after treatment is led from the smoke pipe to the outdoor high-altitude emission to make the smoke color meet the emission requirements.


After the above measures are taken, the noise of the 4 stroke turbocharger diesel engine in the generator room will under 60dB (a) in the daytime and the smoke color will meet the national standard. For each KAIPU diesel engines, KAIPU has tested the noise.

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