Maintenance Upgrade Service
we can provide online guidance, and the buyer can also carry out maintenance and upgrading by reading the manual carefully. If parts need to be replaced, you can purchase locally or contact us.
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Daily report

   Date and starting and ending time of each shift; 
   Routine record of readings of all instruments;
   Usage of power; 
   Whether there is leakage or over consumption of fuel oil, engine oil and coolant;
   Whether the exhaust is abnormal; 
   The situation before and after the occurrence of applause and handling opinions.

Daily Maintenance

Daily report

  Check the fuel quantity of the fuel tank;
  Check the oil level in the oil pan;
  Check the oil level of fuel injection pump governor;
  Check the three leaks (oil, water and gas);
  Check the installation of diesel engine accessories;
  Check instruments;
  Check the transmission connecting plate of fuel injection pump;
  Clean the appearance of the machine and auxiliary equipment.

First Level Technical Maintenance

Daily report

  Check the electrolytic specific gravity of battery voltage;
  Check the tension of triangular rubber belt;
  Clean the suction strainer of the oil pump;
  Clean the air filter;
  Clean the filter element in the vent pipe;
  Clean the fuel filter;
  Clean the oil filter;
  Clean the oil filter and oil inlet pipe of turbocharger;
  Change the oil in the oil pan;
  Add lubricating oil or grease;
  Clean the cooling water radiator.

Second Level Technical Maintenance

Daily report

  Check the fuel injector;
  Check the fuel injection pump;
  Check the valve clearance and injection advance angle;
  Check the intake and exhaust valves and sealing conditions;
  Check the water leakage of water pump;
  Check the water sealing condition of the water sealing ring of the cylinder sleeve;
  Check the fuel injection plug on the cover plate of the transmission mechanism;
  Check the cooling water radiator, oil radiator and oil cooler;
  Check the fastening of main parts; check the electrical equipment;
  Clean the oil and fuel system pipeline;
  Clean cooling system pipes;
  Clean the turbocharger air and oil passage.

Third Level Technical Maintenance

Daily report

  Check the cylinder head assembly;
  Check the piston rod assembly;
  Check the crankshaft assembly;
  Check the transmission mechanism and gas distribution phase;
  Check the fuel injection pump; check the fuel injector;
  Check the turbocharger;
  Check the cylinder head and fresh water pump;
  Check the cylinder head and gasket of air inlet and exhaust pipe;
  Check charging generator and brake motor.
  The above is the basic content of maintenance.

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