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Power Failure Solution

During the construction process, the possible power outage accidents are mainly reflected in: main power transformer failure, large-scale equipment on-site serious leakage and power failure, regular maintenance by the power department, improper external construction command to dig the cable and so on. After a sudden power outage, mechanical equipment may be damaged, and construction on site may not be carried out normally.
In order to ensure that after a sudden power outage in the project department, Kaixun products can be used to quickly and effectively organize the recovery of equipment damage caused by the power outage and on-site shutdown, etc., to minimize the risks and losses before power supply is normal.
Shanghai kaixun series diesel engine is a new type of power generation diesel engine which is improved on the basis of the original series 135 series. 
The air intake system is optimized in structure, the appearance of pipeline is simplified, and high-grade vehicle paint is selected. The appearance is more compact and beautiful.  
Equipped with oil and water separator, system alarm self-protection device and oil pump, making the diesel engine application more safe, reliable and convenient.  
Adopting high pressure and air medium cooling technology, equipped with special high pressure oil pump, porous low pressure inertia injector and electronic governor, it can atomize well and burn well, reduce the minimum fuel consumption of traditional 135 diesel engine to 198g/kw.h, reduce noise and save energy and environmental protection.

Grid Feed Solution

The management of voltage and load flow control has become more and more complicated. On the one hand, the energy flow has increased significantly. On the other hand, high-voltage and super-grids are often restricted due to distributed renewable energy feeds. The consequences of asymmetric power grids include damage to control and regulation equipment, uneven load on transformers (loss, noise), unstable motor operation (loss, wear), and reactive power costs.
In order to ensure a constant grid voltage, Kaixun provides grid feeding solutions to provide suitable products for the electricity demand when the grid voltage is unbalanced.
Shanghai kaixun 12V 135/138 series is a product independently developed by our company to meet high power demand. Adopt high pressure, deep medium cold technology. Double pump, plug - in machine cold, cooling surname gao. Stable quality, high reliability, power foot, economic and environmental protection, refined appearance, widely used in power generation and special equipment industries. The power range covers 780-1030kw. 
Parallel channel, double pump, integrated cooling machine filter, compact appearance, meet diesel engine cooling and lubrication requirements.
High strength steel back bearing shell, strong bearing capacity, stable operation and longer life.
The oil pump with large flow capacity, with vibrated cooling oil chamber piston, can effectively reduce the temperature of piston and ring set, and the operation is stable and reliable.
Adopt large flow high-pressure ratio supercharger, increase airflow pressure, improve air intake, effectively reduce exhaust emissions, and meet better performance requirements under high power. 


Power Failure Solution


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