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Emergency Power Supply

Still manage your electricity usage in any emergency.

Capital Construction Power Supply

More power, less trouble to your building site.

Land Machinery Drilling Power Supply

Equipped with a series of factory-made drilling power 
modules and generator sets.


Diesel Engines

Shanghai KAIPU series diesel engine is a new type of power generation diesel engine which is improved on the basis of the original series 135 series. 

Adopting high pressure and air medium cooling technology, equipped with special high pressure oil pump, porous low pressure inertia injector and electronic governor, it can atomize well and burn well, reduce the minimum fuel consumption of traditional 135 diesel engine to 198g/kw.h, reduce noise and save energy and environmental protection. 
Diesel Engines

Shanghai KAIPU 12V 135/138 series is a product independently developed by our company to meet high power demand.

Parallel channel, double pump, integrated cooling machine filter, compact appearance, meet diesel engine cooling and lubrication requirements. High strength steel back bearing shell, strong bearing capacity, stable operation and longer life. 

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