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How to supply power for the building more than 250m?

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How to supply power for the building more than 250m?

How to supply power for the building more than 250m?

Because of the large number of people and the difficulty of evacuation in the super high-rise building which is more than 250m, the reliability of the power supply of fire-fighting equipment is very important. Article 24 of the Reinforced Technical Requirements puts forward more stringent requirements for load classification and emergency power supply guarantee of fire-fighting equipment, which requires that the fire-fighting power supply should be based on the particularly important load in the first level load. The emergency power supply shall be diesel generator set. The fire power supply circuit of the 4stroke turbocharger diesel engine shall be connected to the special bus section by special line and the continuous power supply time shall not be less than 3.0h.


Measures to adopt special circuit for fire-fighting load of civil buildings


According to the different nature, category and scale of buildings, the fire load of common civil buildings is divided into three levels. Among them, it is required to adopt double power supply for the first level load and relatively reduce the load requirements for other levels.


GB 50016-2014 (2018 Edition) stipulates that special power supply circuit shall be adopted for fire-fighting electrical equipment. When the power for production and living in the building is cut off, the power for fire-fighting shall be ensured. This article emphasizes that the main purpose of power supply circuit is to ensure the reliability of fire power supply circuit. The main wiring scheme of low-voltage distribution system commonly used in domestic building electrical engineering is given in the article description. According to whether the fire-fighting and non-firefighting loads are designed in groups, the system is divided into non group design scheme and group design scheme.


Special important measures of load power supply in the first level load of civil buildings


The load power supply, which is especially important in the first level load, is more strict than the first level fire load in terms of the number of power supply and power supply measures. GB 50052-2009 Code for Design of Power Supply and Distribution System stipulates that the power supply of the most important load in the first level load shall meet the following requirements:


In addition to dual power supply (like general power supply and standby power supply of 4 stroke electric starting diesel engine), emergency power supply shall be added and other loads shall not be connected to the emergency power supply system.

The switching time of the power supply of the equipment shall meet the requirement that the equipment can interrupt the power supply.


The diesel generator set in the civil building is used as the emergency power supply as well as the standby power supply


When powerful 12cylinder diesel engine is set in the building as the emergency power supply for fire-fighting load and especially important load in the first level load, most projects use diesel generator set as both emergency power supply and standby power supply to maximize the utilization. When there is no fire or power outage, it supplies the guaranteed load to support the basic operation of the building.


The power supply load types of new motor 6cylinder diesel engine in civil buildings are as follows:


Class I: fire pump, fire control room, fire elevator, auxiliary evacuation elevator, smoke exhaust facilities, fire shutter, doors and windows, valves, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication signs, etc.

Class II: the most important load in the first level load.

Class III: guarantee load for maintaining the building operation, including channel lighting, duty lighting, guard lighting, aviation obstacle lighting, passenger elevator power, security power, intelligent machine room power, sewage pump and living pump, etc.

Class IV: important loads of other operating customers, such as: hotel management companies usually require to set up high speed 6cylinder diesel engine separately to guarantee the load.

Class V: power consumption for special equipment such as remote cooling system of diesel generator set.

Class VI: the electricity for special tenants in super high-rise buildings, the electricity for financial transaction floors, the electricity for emergency air conditioning and the electricity for window cleaning machine basket, etc.

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